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ARI Retail Refueling Partners

ARI fleet cards are accepted at over 400 national, regional and independent brands across Canada, accounting for 96% of available Canadian refueling sites (12,500). ARI fleet cards provide security features such as PIN validation, as well as transaction purchase edits and controls.

+ Over 300 additional Independent single and multi-site refuelers

ARI Commercial CardLock Refueling

ARI’s CardLock program includes 80plus CardLock refuelers nation-wide, including in excess of 1,200 CardLock sites. The ARI CardLock program was developed to support client purchasing needs where the ARI fleet card or ARI fleet MasterCard cannot be accepted.

CardLock cards are supplier specific and are accepted at specific supplier locations.

ARI provides comprehensive management services including CardLock supplier setup, card ordering, linking CardLock purchases to ARI cards, transaction processing, supplier payment and rebilling to the cost centre as required by the client. Charges and report are also easily obtaining through ARI insights®.

ARI MasterCard Fuel Program

ARI’s fleet MasterCard allows for fuel purchases wherever MasterCard is accepted.

Controlled and restricted refueling can be limited to Canada or North America or can provide worldwide acceptance.

ARI offers two types of MasterCard Fleet Cards:
  • CHIP and PIN validation MasterCards for single cardholder applications
  • CHIP and Signature for pool and multi vehicle cardholders

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    We are pleased to announce the new Supplier Locator will now provide all ve
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